Yes Savannah Can!

Yes Savannah Can!

Yes Savannah Can!Yes Savannah Can!Yes Savannah Can!

Yes Savannah Can Children's Book

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"Yes Savannah Can"                                                                                                                                                            

Angelia Johnson works to inspire all young readers through her personal experiences, she hopes to empower “Children of All Ages” to persevere and overcome life challenges- despite of bullying.

About Author

Yes Savannah Can


Angelia Johnson is a passionate author who is on a lifelong mission  to inspire the young minds of today. Through her personal experiences, she hopes to empower “Children of All Ages” to persevere and overcome life’s many challenges, especially bullying (3.2 million students are bullied each year). 

Angelia's book titled “Yes Savannah Can” is a must-read for every child in this day and age—Christian and non-Christian alike. She creates an entertaining yet highly relatable story that young children can identify with. Above all else, she plants seeds of courage, hope, and faith through the protagonist who is an eight-year-old girl named Savannah. 

The story instills a positive attitude in young hearts as well as a resilient mindset to hold onto your dreams and NEVER allow anyone to discourage you from your destiny! It also demonstrates how Savannah navigated and overcame bullying by doing the following: praying, being resilient,staying calm, finding her voice, talking to others about the situation, and pushing through.                                                      


Currently, Angelia resides in Los Angeles, California with her two beautiful children and loving husband.  When she doesn’t have a pen in hand, you can find her supporting various ministries, traveling to new and exciting places, and watching comedy shows.   
To find out more, visit her website at Angelia's new book ‘Yes Savannah Can’ is available for sale in bulk and single orders. Please send inquiries via email:

Reason for writing:
Angelia wrote “Yes Savannah Can” when she was at a pivotal point in her life. At the time, she was exhausted from her management job and took some time off. All of a sudden, the Lord nudged her to lay down in green pastures to restore her soul, ultimately inspiring her to write this book. This story and the illustrations that accompany it were copywritten back in 2006 and again in 2019, but actually published in 2019. It serves as a testament of overcoming obstacles and holds a crucial universal message: life happens and distractions come along but we all must “Push Through” to birth the dreams and purposes that God has uniquely given us to share with the world. 

This faith-based children’s book has imparted Angelia with the golden opportunity to write and publish something on a subject that is important to the world. Furthermore, she eloquently expresses her creativity through spiritually-driven  stories with authentic life lessons that, when shared with the youth, can transform their outlook on life and provoke consequential thinking.